Ad of the Day: Uber Eats’ forgetful Super Bowl ad features Jennifer Aniston & Beckhams

After the success of its Super Bowl teaser last week, which saw David and Victoria Beckham recreate their infamous ‘My Dad drove a Rolls

Royce’ meme, Uber Eats has finally released its full Big Game spot.

The ad opens with Jennifer Aniston being handed flowers from an assistant who says she wasn’t aware you could get such an assortment of items on Uber Eats. The actor replies that to remember that, she needs to forget something else to make room for the new information.

This forgetfulness carries through the rest of the commercial. Viewers see David and Victoria Beckham struggle to remember the name of the pop group she was part of in the 90s. “Basil babes,” says David confidently. “Wasn’t it the Cinnamon Sisters?”

American rapper Jelly Roll also makes a cameo, forgetting that tattoos are permanent and that attempting to rub them off will not work.

The very last scene shows Usher performing at the halftime show this year, manifesting that one day, he will get to headline the iconic performance.

Creative agency Special US is the team behind the campaign, which is called ‘Don’t Forget Uber Eats.’