After Their Missing ‘For All The Dogs’ Collab, Nicki Minaj And Drake Reunite On ‘Needle,’ Which Also Features A SZA Cameo

Nicki Minaj’s highly anticipated new album Pink Friday 2 has arrived as one of the final major releases of 2023. Given Minaj’s star power, she was able to pull some big-time collaborators into the fold for the project. That includes longtime associate Drake, who features on “Needle.”

The track also features a surprise cameo from SZA via a sampled voicemail that introduces the track. She says, “I mean, I don’t know if I like girls, I saw Sheila at Seraphin. Maybe we had too much tequila. Actually, yeah, we definitely had too much tequila ’cause I don’t know why I’m even playin’ on your phone right now. I’ma just block you, bye.”

Drake offers the song’s first verse and a catchy chorus, on which he sing-raps, “Pull up the Maybach and bend your leg back / Let’s engage that, don’t delay that / You’re like a needle, life’s a haystack / Friends they can leave us, you could stay back.”