Britney Spears Reflects on Being Single, Says It’s ‘So Weird’: ‘I Wear My Heart on My Sleeve’

“It’s so weird being single,” Spears began her caption, which was written alongside a photograph of a nun drinking, through a straw, from a teacup.

“I’ve had a lot of time to really look back with all the good and bad … I’ve realized I don’t talk to myself that nicely at all,” the singer, who released her memoir The Woman in Me in October, added.

She continued, “I’m easily manipulated and I wear my heart on my sleeve … But I’m definitely changing all that … I have to make time to stop and look around to re-evaluate myself and say is this good for me ???”

“I like a routine and I usually do the same thing every day,” Spears added.

“l’m honestly bored but I’m also scared of a lot of things … The way I live my life is mine … I’ve had so many people interfere with that … But to know it’s ok to be selfish with my life and enjoy it is amazing !!!” she continued the caption.

Obviously it’s never an easy thing to go through, but she’s remaining positive and focusing on the future,” the source added, noting that Spears was “focused on her book release, has an upcoming writers’ camp and is getting songs from some big artists.”

Last month, it was revealed that the “Toxic” singer’s The Woman in Me sold over 1 million copies during its first week of availability.