Britney Spears to not stop fighting father Jamie in court amid leg amputation

Jamie Spears’ ailing health and leg amputation doesn’t seem to soften daughter, Britney Spears, amid their estrangement.

Britney Spears will “never” get back together with Jamie Spears because she will never forgive the man who “hurt her” in ways that are “not imaginable.”

The 42-year-old singer appeared to allude to a potential reunion when she posted a number of old pictures of herself with her sons Sean and Jayden on Instagram.

One of the pictures was of her with her estranged father, 71, who oversaw her 13-year conservatorship until it ended in November 2021.

However, a close source of the singer has dispelled any rumours that she is trying to mend their broken relationship and has stated she will continue to fight her father in court.

“There is no chance, ever, that Britney will reconcile with her dad,” the source said, as per DailyMail. “He hurt her in ways not imaginable and, regardless of what happens to his health, she will never forgive the man, dead or alive.”

“The only reason that Britney included this photo is that she loved the picture with her son. It had nothing to do with her dad, or his health issues,” the source added.

Jamie’s request that his daughter reimburse him for the legal costs he paid during the time the contentious conservatorship was denied by Britney’s lawyer Mathew Rosengart; and the two are currently embroiled in a legal battle with a May trial date.