Celebrity Social Media, April 23, 2024

Typically I don’t cross As Seen on Social Media posts (which come out on Wednesday!) with this space BUT so many of you ask me about Jen

Meyer jewelry because it’s worn by an endless list of celebs – lots on the red carpet and in real life. Jen M.’s most loyal client is Jennifer

Aniston, who has been wearing Jen M.’s pieces since before the line existed. And with her deep and wide connections (her dad was a studio head), it seems like everyone wants a piece. To top it off, the designs are really great – classic, simple and stylish without looking generic.

OK so this is maybe a tacky question, but I’m curious about the logistics of friends who made it to Victoria Beckham’s birthday party. Eva Longoria lives in LA, so it’s a long way to go. Did the Beckhams charter a plane for their US friends? Or did Salma, who most definitely flies private all the time, offer Eva and her family seats on her PJ?