Demi Moore, 60, on anti-ageing diet as she looks decades younger in new holiday snaps

Demi Moore looked amazing in new pictures she has shared from a trip down the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River.

She shared a selection of snaps, including one where she bathed under a waterfall in a stringy black bikini.

The much loved actor looks incredible in every picture she shares.

What is her routine to stay in great shape and look so youthful at 60?

Demi shared her diet and exercise regime has changed over the years.

She is very careful with what she puts into her body.

The actor is thought to follow a raw, organic food diet and eat mostly plant based.

Some studies have suggested eating food raw helps dieters to get the most nutrients.

These can be lost when cooking, some have claimed.

A plant based diet often includes plenty of healthy fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Many fruits and vegetables are full of anti-ageing properties.

Red bell peppers can protect against pollution and environmental toxins, according to Healthline.

It is also high in vitamin C which can help with the production of collagen.