Did Chelsea Blackwell Apologize To Megan Fox Over Viral Comparison Comments? Love Is Blind Star Reveals

In the captivating series, Love Is Blind, participants embark on a unique journey to find love, breaking free from the constraints of

appearances. Through intimate conversations in isolated pods, they build connections solely based on personality and emotional

compatibility. As relationships progress, the series explores the complexities of love, exposing vulnerabilities and testing the strength of bonds formed. With each episode, viewers are drawn into a whirlwind of emotions, rooting for couples as they navigate challenges and confront societal expectations. However, recently, the show’s contestant Chelsea Blackwell faced backlash for comparing herself to A-list star Megan Fox.

After going through online criticism, Love Is Blind Season 6 star Chelsea Blackwell has recently spoken up about her apologizing to Megan Fox after she compared herself to the star in the pods. While conversing in the pods, Blackwell told Jimmy Presnell that she had often been compared to Jennifer Body’s alum Megan Fox. She further confessed that she didn’t personally see it and cautioned Presnell against getting too excited on the show. However, she has since revealed on social media the hurtful comments she received, admitting that people have been “so mean.”