Did Jennifer Aniston Share New Year’s Eve Kiss With Barbra Streisand? Actress Reveals During SAG Awards 2024

At the 2024 Screen Actors Guild Award ceremony, the FRIENDS star Jennifer Aniston got on stage to present the Lifetime Achievement

Award to Barbra Streisand. Here is what she said during her time on stage.

The 59 year old actress got on stage to present the prestigious award to the Oscar and Grammy winning legend actress and singer, who is 81 years old. Not only did she praise Barbra’s achievements but also shared a special memory she had with the actress.

“Barbra did not just pave the way for us women; she bulldozed a clearing for us. Magnificent talent aside, she’s also a mensch. Barbra created the Streisand foundation, giving tens of millions of dollars in grants to more than 800 organizations supporting women’s health, civil rights, environmental issues and gun control,” Aniston shared in her speech about Streisand.

She continued by saying that even though she had never shared a screen with the legend yet, “I’ve been fortunate enough to spend cherished time with her over the years, and I even got to kiss her at midnight one New Year’s Eve.” The actress then said, “I’m telling the truth. Barbra, I love you, I love you, and congratulations on this well-deserved honor.” After that, Bradley Cooper took the stage over from Aniston and also went on to praise the recipient of the award.