Emma Stone Gushes Over Jennifer Aniston’s Scent (and We Predict It’s This): ‘Is That What You Smell Like?’

Out of all the reunions at the 2024 Golden Globes, Emma Stone and Jennifer Aniston had one of the most endearing — and relatable! —


While we were gushing over Aniston’s “Rachel 2.0” haircut, inside The Beverly Hilton, Stone, 35, was obsessing over the Friends star’s scent

— yes, that’s right.

In a candid clip shared on the Golden Globes TikTok account, the Poor Things star is seen sniffing the Morning Show actress, 54, with only good things to say afterward.

“What is that? Is that what you always smell like?” Stone asked Aniston, who simply replied, “Yeah.”

“Jesus!” exclaimed Stone, who continued to inconspicuously sniff Aniston as they posed for a photo with Reese Witherspoon. Still in disbelief she exclaimed, “You smell really good!” which garnered a laugh from Aniston.

Aniston could be wearing one of her own fragrances. Back in 2017, she bottled up her fifth scent, Luxe, which she described to PEOPLE as a “sensual” blend of citrus and floral notes with a warm base. She also could’ve reached for any of her previous tried-and-true creations, which evoke a beach-ier feel.