Even a Dad Bod is Not Out of the Question- Jennifer Aniston is Reportedly Looking to Get Married Again

Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer became the face of FRIENDS as the on-and-off relationship of Rachel and Ross became a major

theme of the sitcom. It took 10 seasons (and weddings, pregnancies, and cheating in between) before Ross and Rachel got together for good.

The lives of six reckless adults living in Manhattan taught us many things, not least that it takes a lot of hard work and luck to find (and keep) the special one. Incidentally, it seems Aniston is learning that the hard way behind the scenes.

How’s Jennifer Aniston’s Dating Life Going

Jennifer Aniston ended her second marriage, to Justin Theroux, in 2017. Since then plenty of tabloid stories have been written about the Rumor Has It star’s next potential man. However, none of the suggestions have so far managed to stick to the wall due to the lack of any concrete update from the 54-year-old.