EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Aniston ‘still mourning Matthew Perry’ with ‘subdued’ appearance

Jennifer Aniston showed a sense of “inner vulnerability” in her recent appearance at the AFI Awards Luncheon, according to a body language


The sighting was the first time since good pal Matthew Perry was accused of “assaulting women” prior to his death aged 54. A source claimed

Matthew “shoved” a former friend and worker in a moment in which he could not “control his emotions”.

The 54-year-old Friends icon was alongside the likes of Margot Robbie, Bradley Cooper and Selena Gomez at the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills for the glitzy bash that celebrate the best in TV and film from the past year.

But according to body language expert Judi James, Jennifer’s current emotional state could have impacted her signals, saying she is “presumably still mourning her friend and colleague” but could have the latest headlines about him in mind.

J‌udi told The Mirror: “A mouth shrug of regret might work but instead Jennifer’s body language looks polite but rather subdued here. Her mouth smile suggests complex emotions, with a lack of teeth-baring and an asymmetric twisting of the lips instead.

“‌She seems to cling to Robert Downey, with both arms around his torso showing affection, along with her clasped hands, and this pose could hint at some inner vulnerability. When she stands alone on the red carpet her hands are held slightly to the front of her body and her shoulders look a little hunched, plus her eye-gaze seems to be above the cameras too, hinting she might be happier not getting into discussions at this rather difficult moment in time.”