Friends star Jennifer Aniston shares brutal reality of how she stays fit at 55

Friends star Jennifer Aniston has shown what it really takes to maintain her fit, athletic “Hollywood” physique.

Taking to Instagram, the 55-year-old punctured a hole in the myth that Hollywood stars naturally “look that way.”

Rather, it’s about blood, sweat and tears, and pushing through even when it’s a Monday and you’re not really in the mood.

“If you’re having one of THOSE Mondays, I FEEL YOU,” the actress captioned a workout video.

“Just gotta do it!!.”

In the video, Aniston groans “oh god” as she collapses on a mat after performing various strength, balance and flexibility exercises.

A female voice, possibly Aniston’s trainer, can be heard laughing in the background.

A caption over the video reads: “Oh god … You know those days when you just don’t wanna do it? You just gotta do it.”

Many of Aniston’s fans applauded her for her commitment.

“Mondays are the toughest for sure! Gotta stick with it,” one fan wrote.

“Thanks for the positive motivation.”