‘Friends’ stars Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer reunite in Super Bowl 2024 commercial | Watch

David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston, famous for their roles as co-stars on the hit TV show ‘Friends,’ recently reunited in a commercial for

Uber Eats during Super Bowl LVIII. This star-studded advertisement, which aired during the 2024 NFL championship, brought together

several A-list celebrities, including the iconic duo. The commercial premiered on Uber Eats’ official YouTube channel on February 6.

The humorous commercial kicks off with Jennifer Aniston amusingly explaining to a studio employee the concept of making room to remember things by forgetting others, all in the context of ordering through Uber Eats. Alongside Aniston and David Schwimmer, the ad features other notable celebrities like Victoria and David Beckham, Usher, and Jelly Roll.

As the scene transitions to Schwimmer, he warmly greets Aniston, but she appears puzzled and asks for a hint about their acquaintance. Schwimmer, in a playful tone, reminds her that they worked together for a decade. Aniston, still feigning ignorance, compliments him before Schwimmer realizes her charade and expresses frustration. Aniston eventually admits her act but maintains she wouldn’t forget a decade of her life. Schwimmer, visibly exasperated, quips, ‘I hate this town.’

The commercial concludes with the tagline emphasizing Uber Eats’ ability to deliver anything, no matter what one forgets.