Friends Stars Jennifer Aniston & David Schwimmer Share an Awkward Encounter in Super Bowl Ad

It seems they are still very much on a break, as Friends star Jennifer Aniston inconveniently forgets who longtime co-star David

Schwimmer is in a new Super Bowl ad. The ad, which has been released as part of the Uber Eats campaign, finds Aniston running into

Schwimmer in what should be a wonderful moment for both the actors themselves and the fans of Friends. Instead, things get awkward as Aniston has forgotten who Schwimmer is in order to remember certain things about the online food ordering and delivery platform. As you do.

“To remember Uber Eats delivers almost, almost anything, all you have to do is forget something else,” the caption alongside the new ad reads. “Simply make a little room in your brain – like Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, USHER, the Beckhams, and Jelly Roll do.”

The ad begins with Jennifer Aniston being given a delivery on set, before being reminded of the sheer abundance of items that can now be ordered from Uber Eats as the twin themes of gluttony and convenience clash together to form this, the modern world. Suddenly, Aniston comes face to face with her Friends co-star David Schwimmer, with whom she starred in the sitcom throughout all 10 seasons of the show as Rachel and Ross, respectively.