‘He wasn’t struggling’: Jennifer Aniston texted Friends co-star Matthew Perry the day he died

Jennifer Aniston has revealed she texted Friends co-star Matthew Perry the morning of his death, telling US outlet Variety “he was happy”.

Perry, who became a superstar playing the sarcastic funnyman Chandler Bing during 10 seasons of the hit comedy series, died aged 54 at his

Los Angeles home in October.

On Tuesday, an interview with Aniston and her Morning Show colleague Reese Witherspoon – who also starred as her sister in Friends – detailed Perry’s life before his death.

“As he said, he’d love to be remembered,” Aniston said.

“He was happy. He was healthy. He had quit smoking. He was getting in shape.

“He was happy – that’s all I know.

“I was literally texting with him that morning, funny Matty.

“He was not in pain. He wasn’t struggling. He was happy.”

Perry spoke candidly in interviews and in his memoir about his battle with alcohol and drug addiction during his time on Friends.

By the end of the 10th series of the show, he became “entrenched in a lot of trouble”, Perry revealed years later.

Aniston added: “I want people to know he was really healthy, and getting healthy.