How Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Are Managing Their ‘Intense’ Relationship in Private

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly partied with Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce on Super Bowl Sunday, one year after drama between

them nearly ended their relationship for good. On February 11, a source spoke to Entertainment Tonight about where Fox and Kelly stand

now. Their relationship has been marked by extremes, the source said, but the couple has worked hard to make their reconciliation possible.

“Megan and Machine Gun Kelly have their ups and downs, as most couples do,” the source said. “They love so hard that sometimes things can be intense, but ultimately, they do their best to hear one another and better themselves. They both want a happy, loving, supportive, and honest relationship.”

They have also gotten professional help to achieve this: “Therapy and open communication play pivotal roles in their relationship dynamics, with the couple prioritizing constructive dialogue and personal growth,” the source said. “Seeking guidance from a trusted third party allows them to navigate challenges and strengthen their bond, fostering an environment where mutual understanding thrives.”

“They like to share their thoughts and feelings in a controlled environment with a trusted third party to ensure everyone is heard,” the source continued. “It’s also a good way for them to develop plans to ensure a healthy future as individuals and as a couple.”

The update comes after a source close to the couple spoke to People in December about a rough patch they experienced. They “had yet another big fight” then, the source said, adding, “it’s always the same thing. They have severe trust issues in the relationship. It’s been rough, but [they’re] still trying to work through it.”

Entertainment Tonight’s update shows what that work entailed—and how much effort the couple put in for their efforts to be successful.