I tried Jennifer Aniston’s favourite workout regime and now I know why her body is so toned

When your usual gym routine leaves you feeling a little flat, sometimes it can be worth checking out some celebrity routines for some #fitspo.

One woman who we always find ourselves admiring is Jennifer Aniston, who has seemingly not aged a day since her Rachel years.

The Friends star, 55, is no stranger to a little hard graft, spending five days a week training (that’s a lot of sit-ups).

But the real key to Jennifer Aniston’s body? Well, she’s an ambassador for Pvolve – a regime that focuses on “low impact functional fitness”.

The actor got hooked on Pvolve after sustaining a back injury in 2021, and decided to switch over from her cardio intensive routine.

“I don’t feel like myself when I’m not able to workout,” she said at the time. “I had a friend who had already been doing Pvolve and not only did I notice her complete transformation – physically in her energy level – but she also explained that Pvolve respects where your body is at and allows you to work around your current limitations.”