Ice facials, loved by Jennifer Aniston, could have skincare benefits — but are they safe?

Move over, gua sha and jade rollers — the hottest, new skincare trend is, well, ice.

Using cold as a therapy to treat inflammation by way of ice baths has been touted by fitness gurus and celebrities alike, as cold

plunges rapidly gained popularity last year. Even Jennifer Aniston splashes ice water on her face every day, she dished to Allure last fall.

Ice facials, though, are beginning to rise to the top, with the hashtag scoring more than 700 million views on TikTok, where users gush that the ice-cold technique curbs acne and sculpts their swollen faces in the morning.

“At its most basic form, it involves gently rubbing ice or an ice rolling tool over your face in a circular motion as part of your daily skincare regimen,” board-certified dermatologist Dr. Dendy Engelman, who is also a Mohs surgeon at Shafer Clinic Fifth Avenue, told Vogue.

The routine is likely gaining popularity due to its ease, affordability and supposed benefits that can be obtained in the comfort of your own home, she added.