’It Was This Or Bust’: How Jennifer Aniston Was The Key To Casting Jon Hamm In The Morning Show Season 3

The Morning Show Season 3 is off to a juicy start and, between network drama and interpersonal dynamics, this is shaping up to be its best

season yet. Much of this can be attributed to the incredible performances by the all-star cast of the Apple TV+ drama, including Reese

Witherspoon, Billy Crudup and Jennifer Aniston. This latest season introduced Jon Hamm to the cast as tech billionaire Paul Marks, who plans to onboard Aniston’s character for a mission to space. Apparently, Hamm quickly came to the producers’ minds when it came time to cast the character, and Aniston had a lot to do with his hiring.

Executive producer Kristin Hahn spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the new season of The Morning Show, and what went into the casting process. While there were a number of names in contention for different characters being introduced in the third season, Hamm was the only actor seriously considered for Paul. Based on Hahn’s comments, it would seem that if they couldn’t get the Mad Men alum to sign on, they may have abandoned the character all together. But Hamm’s personal connection with Jennifer Aniston helped bring everything together. Hahn explained: