Jen.nifer Aniston on “Friends”: “It was simply magic!”

Reflecting on her time on the show playing Rachel Green, Aniston expressed profound gratitude for the experience, describing it as nothing

short of magical.

“Oh, everything was the most wonderful thing in the world. It was simply magic. Nothing was not exciting!” she exclaimed, adding, “It’s still exhilarating, but we’ve gained more experience. We have learned more lessons. There’s a bit more behind us.”

Additionally, she spoke about her passion for acting, which she reveals began at the tender age of 11, “I was about 11 years old when I first appeared on stage. I participated in a Nativity play and played the Archangel. I caught the bug from that moment on.”

Furthermore, Aniston shared invaluable advice she would impart to her younger self, emphasising the importance of maintaining a genuine love for the craft, “Maintain that sense when it wasn’t about ‘making it’ but rather about working.”