Jen.nifer Aniston Wore the No-Brainer Spring Top You’re Probably Sleeping On

Yesterday, it was basically summer here in New York City. The second it gets up 70 degrees, it’s arms and legs (and feet!) out for me. But

today is a bit chillier, which makes getting dressed this time of year very confusing. Not to mention, as normally is the case come spring, the

mornings are cold while the afternoons can get pretty hot. That means, every year, I find myself standing in front of my closet — and then my coat closet — deciding what in the world to wear. And no, it doesn’t get any easier with experience.

But, when I saw Jennifer Aniston’s recent outfit, I realized that a mock-neck tank is the one spring hero staple that’s always the right choice — aka, it’s perfect for spring because it’s warm enough for brisk mornings but lightweight enough for hot afternoons. I would’ve saved a lot of stress had I remembered this one before, but alas, I’m glad I’m onto it now.

Aniston was photographed at a screening of The Morning Show in Los Angeles late last week in a classic New Yorker look, meaning all-black. For her red carpet appearance, she slipped into sleek black trousers, a pant style I swear by every day of the year. When in doubt, pull those black trousers out — that’s my motto. They pair with everything, suitable for all occasions, and always look sophisticated and refined. But, what you might miss about Aniston’s pair upon first sight is that they featured a slit-hem design, a detail she’s worn before, which takes average pants to another level of cool. But, that’s not the best part of the look…