Jennifer Aniston, 54, reveals the FOUR simple things she does to stay a size two (hint: one involves a bed) adding she is careful with what she watches on TV

Jennifer Aniston has revealed how she stays in such impressive shape in a candid new interview that was released Wednesday.

The 54-year-old Friends veteran talked staying trim and toned in her 50s as she named her top four rules she lives by.

‘I drink a lot of water, move my body daily, try to eat whole, fresh foods, and get as much sleep as I can,’ she said in the Issue 23 of CR Fashion Book.

Adding: ‘That last part is challenging for me, but it’s so important. I feel it when I don’t get enough rest.

‘In addition to all of that, I try to be really mindful about what I let into my headspace.’ That likely means less binge watching cable news.

‘Our world is really going through some challenges, and I know we all care a lot, but sometimes I think it’s imperative that we turn off the noise,’ she added.

As far as her workouts, she uses Pvolve.

‘I love it so much! Pvolve is a unique approach to fitness that I’m so excited to share with others. I leave every workout feeling energized and strong, but not beat up,’ said the ex of Justin Theroux.

‘I encourage people to try it and see it for themselves. Whatever your fitness level, it’s a workout where you can truly start where you are.’

The workouts are less stressful, added Aniston.

‘I’ve been motivated to work out in a way I haven’t been in years.

‘I look forward to the challenging classes and I feel stronger and more comfortable in my body when I’m doing it. It’s different every time, I don’t think I’ve had the same class twice.’

She posed in black and white clothing for a daring shoot.

In one image the Malibu beach blonde with the golden tan had on a black bikini top with a black tie under a very cropped white bolero jacket.