Jennifer Aniston, 54, shares her four-rule fitness mantra to stay in shape

Jennifer Aniston is one of Hollywood’s most beloved stars. From her Friends days in the 90s to The Morning Show, she continues to enthrall

the audience with her acting prowess. Apart from her acting, her looks are something that still remain at the top of the headlines and

raise the question of what is the secret behind her fitness.

Time and again, Aniston has proved that her age is just a number. And recently, she posed as the cover star for the 10th-anniversary issue of the CR Fashion book. In the pictures shared on her Instagram handle, the Friends alum showed off her phenomenal figure and toned legs, which was enough to send her fans into a frenzy. However, now the actress has shared the simple secrets that she follows to stay in perfect shape.

Jennifer Aniston’s 4 Secrets

In the recent magazine issue, Aniston shared the four things that she has been following for years.

The 54-year-old said, “I drink a lot of water, move my body daily, try to eat whole, fresh foods, and get as much sleep as I can. That last part is challenging for me, but it’s so important,” she added. “I feel it when I don’t get enough rest.”

Talking to the magazine, the actress talked about how she is very particular about her mental health. “I try to be really mindful about what I let into my headspace,” she said. “That likely means less binge-watching cable news.”