Jennifer Aniston admits even she struggles to work out for this relatable reason

Jennifer Aniston is no stranger to trendsetting. For nearly three decades, the Friends alum has been a style pioneer (often inadvertently),

influencing people’s lifestyles and fashion choices across generations.

From her infamous ‘Rachel’ haircut (that was used as a reference photo in almost every salon during the nineties), to the viral ‘Jen Aniston’ quinoa salad that blew up on TikTok last year, it seems everything the actress’ name is attached to is instantly a hit.

But as popular as Aniston’s hairstyles and lunch recipes may be, her iconic celebrity status has never been able to shake her classic ‘Girl Next Door’ connotation.

Now, the relatable star has given people another reason to love her. Like you and I, Jennifer Aniston admits she too is susceptible to feeling less than motivated during a Monday morning workout.