Jennifer Aniston Admits It’s ‘Still a Challenge’ to Be in a Relationship Because of Her Parents’ Dynamic

In a new cover story for the WSJ. Magazine Fall Women’s Fashion issue, the 54-year-old actress opened up about the impact her mother and

father’s dynamic had on her at a young age, and how it has since influenced her personal life.

“It was always a little bit difficult for me in relationships, I think, because I really was kind of alone,” she told the outlet.

“My parents, watching my family’s relationship, didn’t make me kind of go, ‘Oh, I can’t wait to do that,’” Aniston admitted of her late parents, Nancy Dow and John Aniston, who divorced when she was young

“I didn’t like the idea of sacrificing who you were or what you needed, so I didn’t really know how to do that. So it was almost easier to just be kind of solo. So I didn’t have any real training in that give-and-take,” she explained.

“It’s just about not being afraid to say what you need and what you want. And it’s still a challenge for me in a relationship,” she admitted. “I’m really good at every other job I have, and that’s sort of the one area that’s a little….”