Jennifer Aniston And David Schwimmer Do Their Part To Undo The Silliest Part Of The ‘Friends’ Finale In A Super Bowl Ad

The Super Bowl ads are already out in full force ahead of this upcoming Sunday, so that people are free to focus on how much camera

time ends up on Taylor Swift instead of the actual sports at hand. I kid, really. Advertisers have been keen to drop these commercials early for years because maximum exposure is the name of the (football) game.

The Big Game spot of the moment happens to belong to Uber Eats, which includes The Beckhams and Usher but, most notably, Jennifer Aniston bumping into her old co-star, David Schwimmer. And if you were annoyed about how Ross and Rachel got back together for the Friends series finale, rest assured that this commercial is having a fond time rewriting TV history. Remember, there were plenty of odd parts about that episode, including Paul Rudd not understanding why he was included, given that he entered the cast late in the game as Phoebe Buffay’s husband, a.k.a. Crap Bag. The worst part, though? Rachel and Ross deciding that they have to be together and that they could make it without having a blowout again the next day.

So, this commercial (which is all about letting Uber Eats save you from forgetting) has a ball pretending that Aniston has no idea who Schwimmer is and muttering, “Like I’d forget ten years of my life.” Sadly, however, nobody shouts, “We were on a break!” What a missed opportunity.