Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer Have the Most Awkward Conversation in a New Super Bowl Ad

You know that thing where you forgot you met someone, but they didn’t, and you’re like, “Nice to meet you,” and they’re like, “We’ve met”?

Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer just gave us all second-hand cringe (on purpose) when they had that exact interaction, only

magnified times a million because, of course, they costarred for 10 seasons as the on-again, off-again soulmates Rachel Green and Ross Geller.

NEW YORK – MARCH 16: Jennifer Aniston attends the premiere of “The Bounty Hunter” at Ziegfeld Theatre on March 16, 2010 in New York, New York City. (Photo by Soul Brother/FilmMagic)

The skit is part of a new Uber Eats ad campaign that’s rolling out for the Super Bowl. The conceit is that you can get a bunch of stuff, not just food, via the delivery service (flowers, office supplies, booze, etc.), but to remember this fact, you have to forget something else. So, to make room in her brain, Aniston apparently forgot all of Friends and has no idea who Schwimmer is when he greets her in the back lot of a studio. His delivery of “I hate this town” is pretty great, gotta say. Need more Schwim in my life. Remember how good he was on that OJ series? “Juice.” Sorry, tangent.

The commercial uses a mix of celebrities and everyday people to get the “you forgot something” point across. On the pedestrian side, an office worker forgets his pants, an employee forgets how to sit in a chair, a man with an allergy forgets what’s in peanut butter. Notable faces include the aforementioned Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer, the Beckhams (who both forgot what the Spice Girls were called), musician Jelly Roll (who doesn’t remember getting his face tatted), and Usher, who can’t recall having been asked to perform the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Just my two cents, but I think the way to get people to remember that Uber Eats isn’t just for food is to maybe take “eats” out of the name, since that’s probably why people associate the service with food, but what do I know? What’s my job here? Some stuff just arrived, I forget.