Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer just had a mini ‘Friends’ reunion

The two actors — who played the star-crossed lovers Rachel Green and Ross Geller respectively on the cult TV show — are part of a wider cast

of A-listers in an ad spot for Uber Eats that will be broadcast during the big American football game this coming Sunday.

In the beginning of the ad, Jen is on set and accepts some Uber Eats groceries she ordered from a production assistant, who tells the actress: “I didn’t know you could get all this stuff on Uber Eats. I gotta remember that.”

Jennifer answers wisely: “Well you know what they say, in order to remember something, you gotta forget something else. Make a little room.”

The ad goes on to show various people forgetting various things so that they can remember something else, including herself.

While she’s on set, David approaches her enthusiastically and tells her: “Jen, hey!” He then tries to hug her but she wards him off, saying: “Have we met?”

She then adds: “Give me a hint.”

David tells her, getting annoyed: “Worked together for 10 years.”

Jen tells him insincerely: “10 years! You were great,” but David isn’t buying her act. After a few seconds of trying to get her to acknowledge she knows him, he eventually huffs: “I hate this town,” meaning Hollywood.