Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer reunite for Super Bowl ad

Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer have reunited for a role in an Uber Eats advertisement, set to be played at the Super Bowl next

weekend in the US.

In the clip, The Morning Show actress jokes that she must forget something to “make a little room” in her mind to remember the food delivery service’s many products.

The ad then goes on to feature a series of people, including celebrities, forgetting simple things.

The Horrible Bosses actress then bumps into her Friends co-star on a film and television studio set – but appears to forget her former castmate.

“Have we met?” she asks Schwimmer, after she rejects a hug from him.

“We worked together for ten years,” Schwimmer responds incredulously.

Also featuring in the ad are David and Victoria Beckham, who continue the joke by “forgetting” which band Victoria was once part of, with David guessing, “The Pepper Ladies” and “The Basil Babes”, while Victoria takes a stab with “The Cinnamon Sisters” and “The Paprika Girls”.