Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer Reunite for Uber Eats Super Bowl Commercial

Jennifer Aniston totally forgets about starring alongside David Schwimmer in Friends in the latest Super Bowl commercial for Uber Eats.

In the ad spot, which intends to showcase that people have to forget something else to remember that Uber Eats delivers almost anything, the

actress gets an online delivery while working on set.

“I didn’t know you could get all this stuff on Uber Eats,” a crew member says, before Aniston adds, “Yeah, well you know what they say, ‘In order to remember something, you’ve got to forget something else.’ Make a little room.”

Schwimmer later runs into Aniston and is excited to see his old friend and former co-star, but the actress doesn’t feel quite the same way. “Have we met?” she asks.

After asking for a hint, Schwimmer says, “Worked together for 10 years.” Aniston responds in shock, “10 years!”

The Morning Show star tries to play it off, but the actor sees right through it. “You still don’t know, do ya?” Schwimmer asks, while Aniston admits, “I don’t.”

As she walks away, the Murder Mystery actress quips, “Like I’d forget 10 years of my life.” Schwimmer adds, “I hate this town.”

Aniston and Schwimmer played Rachel Greene and Ross Geller, respectively, on the hit sitcom Friends for 10 seasons and were known for their lovable, yet chaotic onscreen relationship throughout the series. The new Uber Eats ad also comes more than three months after their fellow co-star, Matthew Perry, died. Following his death, the Friends cast, including Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox and Matt LeBlanc, all shared touching tributes.