Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer team up for ad and fans want more!

Friends actors Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer have come together for an ad, and fans simply cannot seem to get enough! The ad,

which also stars David and Victoria Beckham, is one for Uber Eats.

The commercial slated to be shown during the Super Bowl, starts with a girl delivering some things for Aniston from Uber Eats. “I didn’t know you could get all this stuff from Uber Eats,” the girl quips. To that, Aniston says, “You know, you need to forget something in order to remember something.”

And at this point, David Schwimmer walks into the scene. Aniston resists hugging him and asks him, “You are…” A flummoxed Schwimmer tries to remind her, where she knows him from. Then there are clips of various people trying to remember things, including Victoria Beckham forgetting that she used to be a Spice Girl and a man forgetting that he is allergic to peanuts.

The ad ends with Aniston walking away from Schwimmer, telling herself, “As if I would forget ten years of my life!” and Schwimmer saying, “I hate this town.” Schwimmer and Aniston starred as Ross and Rachel in the popular sitcom Friends. They played a couple who’d be on and off frequently. Fans simply could not get enough of the two and left some sweet comments. One fan wrote, “THE LOBSTER ARE HERE THIS IS NOT A TRAINING !!! I’m losing my minddd.” “This deserves an award just because reunited you two!” wrote another fan. Yet another fan wrote, “This little reunion made my day better.” And someone commented, “Could this commercial BE ANYMORE AWESOME ???”