Jennifer Aniston and Jon Hamm’s sex scene has gone viral with people left shocked

Season three of The Morning Show came to Apple TV last month, but discussion around the series has drastically picked up after episode six,

titled The Stanford Student, was released yesterday (11 October).

The episode sees Jennifer Aniston – who plays the role of reporter Alex Levy – and Jon Hamm – tech billionaire Paul Marks – take part in a particularly steamy scene. Prepare to blush a deep shade of rouge:

In the build-up to the scene, Hamm’s character of Marks is looking to buy the UBA Network for a hefty $40 billion.

Marks sits down for an interview with Levy for her segment Alex Unfiltered and ends up apologising for some of his previous, controversial behaviour as a tech giant.

Despite the serious nature of the conversation, it must’ve reignited the lurking flame between the duo, the pair later ending up falling into bed with one another – the interview very much forgotten, and at the back of viewers’ minds too.

Let’s just say, you have to see it for yourself, and it certainly gives Fifty Shades a run for its money, viewers flooding to social media in shock over just how saucy the scene gets.