Jennifer Aniston celebrates 55th birthday with tear-jerking message

Jennifer Aniston has celebrated turning 55 with an important message alongside a nostalgic Friends throwback.

The Morning Show actor took to social media today with a lovely video montage to celebrate a big birthday milestone.

She simply commented with the word, ‘Grateful,’ and copied out a poem by Stanley Kuntiz called The Layers.

The poem reflects on the passage of time, and how it changes us. It also talks of a ‘scattering tribe’ and the ‘manic dust’ of friends.

It reads: ‘How shall the heart be reconciled / to its feast of losses? / In a rising wind / the manic dust of my friends / those who fell along the way / bitterly stings my face.’

It then talks about carrying on and going ‘wherever I need to go’ and ends with: ‘I am not done with my changes.’