Jennifer Aniston Cried At The Idea Of Losing Matthew Perry In Resurfaced 2004 Interview

Footage of Jennifer Aniston weeping over her “Friends” co-star Matthew Perry nearly 20 years ago has resurfaced in the wake of his tragic


In Aniston’s 2004 interview with Diane Sawyer, she broke down after Sawyer asked her what Perry didn’t know about himself but needed to hear.

“That he’s alright,” she replied, visibly getting emotional.

“He struggled,” Aniston continued, referencing Perry’s battle with drugs and alcohol.

“We didn’t know. We weren’t equipped to deal with it,” the star said of herself and her fellow cast mates. “Nobody had ever dealt with that. And the idea of even losing him … he’s having a road. But he’s alright.”

Following a jet ski accident in 1997, Perry became addicted to Vicodin, which eventually spiraled into alcohol abuse. In 2000, he was hospitalized with pancreatitis related to his alcohol consumption, US Weekly reports.