Jennifer Aniston ‘done’ with Hollywood guys: ‘Can’t deal with their egos’

Jennifer Aniston has reportedly vowed to never go out with a man from Hollywood following her painful divorce from Brad Pitt and Justin


The Friends alum believe she cannot “deal with all the ego and pretentiousness” anymore and wants someone who is “polar opposite” of men she has previously dated.

Speaking with Heat Magazine, an insider said, “Jennifer has always dated actors and musicians, that’s just been her type,” adding, “now she’s saying she wants to break her pattern, try something totally new.”

The tipster said The Morning Show star wants to “meet a guy who’s the polar opposite,” saying, “She’s even saying she’s open to a blue-collar type – she loves the idea of a man who builds something with his hands. It’s super-sexy to her.”

“She really wants to meet someone totally down to earth, and – most importantly – someone who’s not in the industry,” they added. “She’s done with the Hollywood guys. She can’t deal with all the ego and pretentiousness.”

The insider went on to add that Aniston is seeking help of her agents and manager to connect her with someone outside of the industry while “forcing herself to get out there and mingle at parties.”

She’s keeping positive and isn’t desperate – she has a full life and is grateful to have the career and home of her dreams, as well as a friendship circle she adores,” they said.

“But there are times she gets incredibly lonely. And with her track record she can’t help but worry that she may never meet her soulmate.”