Jennifer Aniston encouraged to embrace intimacy coordinators amid ‘OLD SCHOOL’ debate

Intimacy coordinators are encouraging Jennifer Aniston to be receptive to their support after she revealed that she declined assistance

during a steamy sex scene with Jon Hamm, citing her being ‘old school.’

The 54-year-old actress hinted at feeling ‘awkward’ discussing the coordination of the intimate encounter with Hamm in the Apple TV series The Morning Show.

In response, intimacy coordinators have challenged Aniston’s stance, suggesting she may not be well-acquainted with their role. They are urging her to become an advocate for their presence on set to enhance overall comfort for everyone involved.

Speaking exclusively to, Samantha J McDonald, an Intimacy Directors & Coordinators certified coach, said: ‘I hope someday my path crosses with hers and she’s open to hearing more about how an Intimacy Coordinator functions, and how best to utilize working with one as an actor, or director, or crew member, or writer, or producer.

‘Should that conversation ever happen with me or another IC, she still may very well decide she’s comfortable without one, and she is entitled to that decision. But with that knowledge, she may be able to help educate other actors around her who may need that extra support, and hopefully advocate for the position of Intimacy Coordinator in the future.’

Aniston made the comments during an interview with Variety, in which she recalled: ‘They asked us if we wanted an intimacy coordinator. I’m from the olden days, so I was like, “What does that mean?”

‘They said, “Where someone asks you if you’re OK,” and I’m like, “Please, this is awkward enough! We’re seasoned — we can figure this one out”.’