Jennifer Aniston ‘forgets’ David Schwimmer as pair reunite for star-studded Super Bowl ad

Jennifer Aniston hilariusly ‘snubbed’ ‘ David Schwimmer as the pair reunited for a star-studded Super Bowl advert.

The legendary actors played boyfriend and girlfriend Ross and Rachel in hit TV sitcom Friends for an entire decade. Now in a new skit, the comedy duo left fans in hysterics as Jennifer “forgot” who David was. During the scene, David approached Jennifer in the street, and called out her name. As he went in for a hug, Jennifer recoiled and said: “Have we met?” She later said: “Give me a hint.” David said: “We worked together for 10 years.”

The duo reunited for the Don’t Forget Uber Eats advert for the Super Bowl. Other huge stars to appear in it include Victoria and David Beckham who do a skit where they forget which band legendary Spice Girl Victoria was in.

The commercial also features superstar half-time show performer Usher, who can’t even remember that he has bagged the big gig for the half-time show. This weekend, the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs will clash for the title at the Super Bowl LVIII at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. Every year, brands throw huge sums of money at creating adverts to feature during the sporting event – which pulls in over 100 million viewers.