Jennifer Aniston forgets her iconic ’90s hairstyle ‘The Rachel’ in new ad

Jennifer Aniston has once again forgotten her “Friends” roots.

The actor stars in a new Uber Eats commercial in which she forgets that she was behind the popular ’90s haircut called “The Rachel,” after her sitcom character Rachel Green donned the style for years on “Friends.”

The ad shows Aniston taking out products from her haircare line from an Uber Eats delivery bag.

“Uber Eats has LolaVie products?” says a man. “I got to remember that.”

“Well you know they say, in order to remember something, you have to forget something else,” Aniston says before turning to a woman who is getting her hair done. “OK, now that is a very cute haircut. That’s like a little shag. I’ve never seen that before.”

The woman, rocking Aniston’s iconic “The Rachel” hairstyle, turns to Aniston and says, “I mean, of course you have. It’s ‘The Rachel.’”