Jennifer Aniston Hilariously Forgets the Iconic ‘Rachel’ Haircut in New Uber Eats Ad

Jennifer Aniston caught another sudden case of amnesia in her latest ad for Uber Eats. The 30-second commercial released February 20

begins with a hairdresser telling Jennifer, 55, that he didn’t know Uber Eats was now selling products from her hair care company LolaVie.

“Well you know, they say in order to remember something, you have to forget something else,” Jennifer explains, as she turns around and sees a woman rocking “The Rachel” haircut from Friends.

“Okay, now that is a very cute haircut!” Jennifer says, not recognizing the look made famous by her beloved TV sitcom character. “That’s like a little shag. I’ve never seen that before.”

“I mean, of course you have. It’s the Rachel,” the woman responds, to which a confused Jennifer replies, “Oh, is that your name?”