Jennifer Aniston hits out at ‘cancel culture’ in candid new interview

Jennifer Aniston has taken aim at “cancel culture” in a candid new interview, asking why it feels there is “no redemption” for public figures


In her current role in Morning Wars, the former Friends star plays breakfast TV host Alex Levy, who is navigating the spotlight amid the high-profile fallout of a flurry of sexual misconduct allegations levelled at her ex-co-anchor (played by Steve Carrell).

The Apple TV series’ first season premiered in 2019, in the wake of former Hollywood heavyweight Harvey Weinstein’s public disgrace and the #MeToo movement.

While using Weinstein’s extreme case as an example of the benchmark, Aniston, 54, told the Wall Street Journal that she was “so over” the cancel culture that has become more prevalent in recent years.

“I probably just got cancelled by saying that,” she told the publication.

“I just don’t understand what it means … Is there no redemption? I don’t know. I don’t put everybody in the Harvey Weinstein basket.”