Jennifer Aniston Is Telling Us That ‘The Rachel’ Is Officially Making a Comeback

The awards show season often sets fashion and beauty trends for the year, so if you want to know what’s happening in 2024 — look no

further than the Golden Globes red carpet. Jennifer Aniston stepped out on one of Hollywood’s biggest night’s with a nod to her iconic 1990s

hairstyle from her Friends era to tell us all: “The Rachel” is back.

Aniston, who made it clear years ago that the cut was not her favorite, had her beloved hair stylist Chris McMillan give “The Rachel” a very modern update — and we love it! With a strong side part that should send Gen Z into a tailspin, the 54-year-old actress showed off long, gorgeous layers that artfully framed her face.

Her chic interpretation of the late-’90s hair shows how McMillan modified the style. Instead of volume at the top of her head, the sleekness was aimed at the crown, giving it a fresh look. Also gone are the choppy layers and those chunky highlights which should stay in the hairstyle archives forever. It’s a moment to remember that you can revisit the past, but there are always exciting revisions to be made, especially when it comes to beauty and fashion.