Jennifer Aniston “kept to herself” at the funeral and “dreaded” Matthew Perry’s death for twenty years

Aniston’s bodyguards were spotted traveling from her LA residence to the location in advance of the event.

Along with Perry’s mother Suzanne Perry, there was also her father John Bennett Perry, 82, and stepfather, journalist Keith Morrison, 76, of


Since Perry never married and had children, his parents will probably receive the majority of his wealth unless he leaves it to charity.

Perry opened up about his own battles with drugs and alcohol so he was ready to help others who were struggling with the same.

Out of the main six characters Perry and Aniston, they were the youngest.

In 2004, Aniston sobbed while talking about Perry at a sit-down with Sawyer, just in front of the “Friends” series finale, following a decade of collaboration.

She was questioned at the time about what each cast member “didn’t know” about themselves.

Of what she hoped he understood about himself, she remarked, “That he’s all right.”