Jennifer Aniston left completely ‘in distress’ after Matthew Perry’s passing

According to Page Six, Aniston took Perry’s death ‘really bad’, after she still mourning her late father, John Aniston, who died in

November 2022 aged 89 years old and still recovering from his loss.

Jennifer Aniston ‘in distress’ for Perry’s death

Perry’s funeral was held at Forest Lawn cemetery on November 3, with his Friends co-stars joining the late actor’s intimate service. However, they were not present during Matthew Perry’s burial, leaving only close friends and family present.

The source cited by Page Six states that not only Aniston was left in distress after learning of Perry’s passing, but also Courteney Cox.

Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry were really close during the actor’s final years, as he said in an interview in 2022 that ‘she was the one who reached out the most’, being grateful for that.