Jennifer Aniston makes surprising revelation about close friend Courteney Cox’s home life

Speaking with Marie Claire for their cover story, written by Chantal Fernandez, the actress, 59, spoke about her journey to

Homecourt, which began in 2020 during the Covid-19 induced lockdown and eventually debuted online in early 2022.

Her close pal and Friends co-star, Jennifer Aniston, also spoke with the publication about her friend’s dedication toward creating a synergized home and her love for cleaning, spoofing her reputation for being a “neat freak” thanks to her iconic TV role as Monica Geller.

Jennifer, 54, mused that Homecourt seemed like the most natural progression for her friend, saying: “I’m thinking to myself, Well what on earth took you so long, woman! This is literally your wheelhouse.”

She even hilariously added: “The amount of times I’ve found her on the floor, on all fours, scrubbing something – every time I enter her house.”