Jennifer Aniston plans memorial gathering for Matthew Perry with Friends cast, ‘stories, laugh and cry’

Jennifer Aniston reportedly plans to host a special gathering for her Friends castmates. This intimate event, scheduled at her Bel-Air home

for the holiday season, intends to honor the life and legacy of Matthew Perry, who tragically passed away earlier this year. On October 28,

Perry known for his role as Chandler Bing, was found dead in his Pacific Palisades home, which initiated an inquiry into the circumstances of his death. All the cast members of the popular sitcom including Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc, Courteney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow attended

the memorial service last month, however, the recent rumor suggests that the Friends will gather again for a special yet intimate reunion.


As reported by OK Magazine, Jennifer wanted to do something special for the Friends cast this holiday season. A source told the publication, “It was always their plan to get together just the five of them, so they could feel comfortable about saying whatever’s on their minds.” This private gathering, kept confidential, is a homage to their cherished co-star, Matthew Perry. Although his absence is felt, it will evoke shared memories and heartfelt laughter.The source added, “They’ll reminisce about some of their favorite times with Matt and share stories and laugh and cry.” Expanding on the reasons for the special gathering, they mentioned that during the funeral, they refrained from expressing their grief fully out of respect for Matt’s family. “The funeral was such a sad occasion, but it was mainly for Matt’s family, and they held back out of respect for them.”