Jennifer Aniston receives THIS nickname from co-star late Matthew Perry

Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry were hands down the closest of friends. The two also co-starred at the 90’s most hit and widely watched

sitcom, Friends.

With the friendship the two has shared, late Perry has given Aniston a sweet nickname. The actor spilled about it in his memoir, added: “We can smell it, she said, in a kind of weird but loving way, and the plural ‘we’ hit me like a sledgehammer.”

Diane asked Jennifer what she thought each of her co-stars should hear, and although Jennifer gave her friends happy advise about Matthew, she was almost left stunned.

She spoke as she shed tears: “We didn’t know. We, you know, we weren’t equipped, we weren’t – to deal with it. You know, nobody had ever dealt with that and, you know, the idea of even losing him. He’s having a rough road, but he is alright.”

When the Friends group got back together in 2021 to celebrate the show’s 25th anniversary, everyone was ecstatic.

In response to the disclosure in 2022, Jennifer said to Diane Sawyer of ABC in an interview: “I didn’t understand the level of anxiety and self-torture was put on Matthew Perry, if he didn’t get that laugh and the devastation that he felt.”

Though their twenty-year friendship was undoubtedly unique, Matthew’s love for Jennifer was always quite evident, and he even admitted to having a crush on her when they first met before Friends.