Jennifer Aniston reveals her 4-rule mantra to stay fit in her 50s

Jennifer Aniston, a Hollywood icon celebrated from her Friends era to her current role in the Morning Show, continues to captivate with

her timeless beauty and enviable physique. Recently, she unveiled the four simple principles that underpin her fitness regimen in her 50s,

offering insights that anyone can easily adopt.

In an interview for CR Fashion Book’s 10th anniversary issue, the 54-year-old actor shared her wellness mantra, emphasising how these habits contribute to her excellent shape and well-being.

Jennifer’s approach is refreshingly straightforward: “I drink a lot of water, move my body daily, try to eat whole, fresh foods, and get as much sleep as I can.” She acknowledges that getting adequate sleep can be challenging but highlights its importance, noting how she feels the impact when she doesn’t rest enough.