Jennifer Aniston says Matthew Perry ‘wasn’t struggling’ when they texted on day he died

Jennifer admitted that she “want people to know he was really healthy, and getting healthy. He was on a pursuit,” as she confessed to thinking Matthew had been through a lot and “he worked so hard, and “really was dealt a tough one. “

Jennifer shared her emotions as she revealed “I miss him dearly. We all do. Boy, he made us laugh really hard.” Jennifer then elaborated on how she felt the tributes that flooded in for Matthew from members of the public, his friends, journalists and celebrities was “so beautiful” to see and that she is hopeful he “can know that he was loved in a way he never thought he was.”

Jennifer, 54, also praised Mathew for bringing Chandler Bing to life as she said he “created a whole different world” adding that “we went with his lead, in a way. It just added something to our joy.” Reese agreed on the importance of people knowing that Matthew had been on a good path when he died.

The Legally Blonde star then detailed how special it had been to witness the unique bond between the cast members. She discussed how she felt it was “incredible what was born of those friendships,” and how they “have always taken care of each other for years and years.”

Reese called the bond “really beautiful” and admitted that their relationships “set standards for our business, as well, with the way you respected each other.” She then confirmed that “I feel lucky that I got to be on that show and I walked in like Alice in Wonderland, watching the most popular cast do this whole thing.”