Jennifer Aniston Says She’d Be an Interior Designer If She Wasn’t an Actress: ‘I Thrive During That Process’

“Interior design,” Aniston tells the outlet. “I love putting homes together and creating spaces. I can walk into a house and see what it needs.

And it’s a fun process. Some people dread it. It can break up relationships. I thrive during that process.”

Aniston purchased the 1965 property in 2011 for $21 million and shared that, at first, the home was “the furthest thing from what I wanted”

aesthetically. She worked on renovations for two years with Theroux and her longtime decorator Stephen Shadley to transform it into her perfect sanctuary.

After designing her previous home alone, Aniston shared that working alongside her husband at the time was a bit of a challenge.

“Justin definitely wanted to be involved, so there was a bit of a learning curve for me on how to include another voice in the design process,” she admitted. “For instance, I figured out that immediately saying ‘No!’ to any suggestion is not the most collaborative move.”

“There was a time when I thought there was something romantic about picking up and trotting off somewhere different every three months. Now I’m becoming more particular about the projects I take,” she said, adding that “there’s nowhere else I want to be.”