Jennifer Aniston seen for the first time since pal Matthew Perry assault allegations

Jennifer decided to go for a minimal makeup look, adding a slight rouge to her cheeks and a pale pink lip-gloss. She wore her hair straight

and in a side parting. Her outing at the AFI Awards comes just days after new allegations emerged involving her friend and co-star Matthew


In his memoir, Matthew spoke fondly of a woman named Morgan Moses, who he referenced under the pseudonym Erin. The late actor referred to her as his “best friend” and credited her for saving his life.

However, a source has now claimed things were very different between the pair. “Morgan was no longer working with Matthew. He had a horrible breakdown and in the heat of the moment he could not control his emotions. He had a fear that he was going to be abandoned,” the source told the Daily Mail.

The source alleged Matthew “shoved” Morgan into a wall and threw her onto a bed before she left. They claimed Morgan had stopped working with Matthew a year before his memoir was published.

The source also alleged that Matthew had a huge fight with his ex-fiancée Molly Hurwitz, which ultimately ended their relationship. They claimed Molly “confronted him” after finding a romantic gift he’d allegedly bought for someone else. The source alleged Matthew “threw a coffee table at her” in response.